In A Gentleman’s Closet!!


Match this velvet tuxedo jacket with a plush bow tie and patent shoes and your good to go. You will definitely be winning with this jacket!!





The slim fit blazer is a perfect example of where comfort meet class.  With looks of a tailored jacket, the blazer is a blend of fine cashmere and silk.





This classic caramel coat will make a timeless addition to any professional wardrobe. The perfect winter cover-up for a sharply tailored suit, this handsome style means business.




Black leather Oxford shoes with toe caps and full leather lining and soles. These shoes have been hand-crafted from the finest materials, using a Goodyear sole welding technique to guarantee longevity. Great buy!



Whether worn with weekend jeans or tailored trousers, these suede and leather sole boots are sure to put a contemporary finish on any outfit.





And we can’t forget the watch. Must have for every male! A man without a watch is NOT a good look. Get one!






Ask Jackson – What I Fear

Dear Jackson,

Over the past few years I had two relationships. Both were long and we were both great friends. They had their ups and downs like any other relationship and ultimately ended. In both I gave myself completely and was entirely wrapped up emotionally. I think it is a good thing to give your all to something. One thing I fear is that in giving your all like that, when it’s over there are just memories. You feel like you spent yourself. I just wonder if I’d ever connect with someone to that point again where I am willing to do whatever, whenever, and fight for us. I don’t want to go backwards but I do miss my recent ex, not the relationship, but our friendship. I’ve known her since 2000 and we know the most about each other. She was my best friend. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not tearing me up inside but I do feel it. Looking back you always feel like you could have did this, or that, or maybe this wasn’t as big a deal as it was but, I believe that’s just a trick of the mind. I keep reminding myself that where I am now is far beyond where I was yesterday.

What I Fear

Dear What I Fear,

You would never have experienced the feeling of love and wanting to truly care for someone to the point that you would do anything for them if you didn’t allow yourself to be vulnerable and take a risk. Love is a beautiful thing and if you ever want to experience it again unfortunately your going to have to take a risk with your heart and emotions.

However you may have ended your relationships is probably why you second guess and keep wondering the what ifs. But reality is, you can what if about a lot of things. Your past will always be full of memories, good ones and bad ones. Your future is waiting to create new memories. It is always hard to let go of someone you truly loved especially a best friend, but remember, best friends are not always the best mate. Write out a list of all the qualities your heart desires in a mate. And without making excuses for these woman from your past, do they fit the list or even 90% of it.

Getting over someone you love is a process and it wont happen over night. What you feel is only natural.  You miss the relationship and the friendship you shared, the connection with your ex’s, what it represented, but I’m sure it’s not your ex’s itself that you miss.



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Cute Hair For Any Occasion!!!

Thing You Will Need
-Elastic hair band
-Hair pins
-Hair decoration

1. Comb your hair through.
2. Take some hair from the top of your head and put in an elastic hair band.
3. Make your hair into a bun and pin loose ends with hair clips.

4. Separate the rest of your hair in half.

5. Put the right half to the left and then wrap it around the bun, and fix it in place with hair pins.
6. Do the same thing with the left half. Add a hair decoration.

shka biliy

Style Post ~ J.Crew Silk Blouse

There are so many reasons why I love silk blouses by J.Crew. This was a great find over the holidays.

This blouse would make for an amazing addition to any woman’s wardrobe because of its versatility and is perfect for spring 2012.

 J.Crew Spread

USB Watch!!!

For all the tech geeks, the USB Watch is a simple way of carrying your memory stick in style. A 10-minute romp with the computer charges it enough to tell you the correct time for a week. What’s more, every time you hook it up it syncs in automatically with the computer’s time. The LED display shows you the current memory status at the touch of a button. Its functionality but yet simple design is perfect for everyday use!