Ask Jackson – Kiss And Tell

Dear Jackson,

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year, our anniversary is this week. We believe we are soul mates and love and care for each other immensely. For the past three weeks he has been gone on a soccer tour in Europe. Yesterday he told me that when he was at a nightclub in Denmark he was dancing with a girl and she kissed him. Even though this may not be considered “going far” with a person but I am devastated, I am unsure of what to do or how to feel. I feel like i do not trust him and I just don’t see myself being the same around him. He comes back to America tomorrow and I am sick to my stomach with anxiety and hurt. I do not want to leave him because I love him so much but I feel like if i don’t do something than there could be a chance that he won’t respect me and this could happen again. I guess my question is what should I do about our relationship?

Kiss and tell

Dear Kiss and tell,

Without assumption, ask him if he kissed her back if you haven’t already. The fact that your boyfriend was honest and told you that SHE kissed him shows you can trust him and chances are he did not initiate it. Majority of men do not kiss and tell if they’re truly cheating. Keep in mind nowadays woman can be very aggressive. All relationships have their ups and downs and this is something that can be worked out. Besides, I doubt he will ever see this girl again. Why allow someone who neither of you know from the outside ruin what you have built together. If he has never given you a reason to not trust him and has been faithful, don’t let this be the reason you stop trusting him. Only you know your man. Follow your heart. If you honestly feel he did not kiss her back stay with him, but also make it clear that this shouldn’t happen again. There is no sense in breaking up with your soul mate over a girl who crossed the line and doesn’t matter to either of you. Let it go, continue to trust and move on. Happy Anniversary!