As I embark on this second week in January, I reflect, without regret, because 2012 was a blessing. 2012..A year of sowing and reaping. 2012..A year of faith exercised. 2012..A year of shifting my circle. 2012..A year of changing my atmosphere. 2012..A year of favor.

In retrospect it feels as though the year flew. Focused, not only did I achieve my goals, I exceeded my goals above my immediate imagination through God. Best year in a long time.

2013. Wow!!!! Thoughts of being 11yrs old thinking in 15 years I will be 26. Thankful as I am, I made it! Like the first quarter of 2012, I have already hit the ground running to reach all of my goals. Like every other year I’ve prepared short-term goals and will remain focused on my long-term goals.  If you ever get to a point where your satisfied, wondering what’s next? A wise friend once told me to never become complacent. With 2013 here, new goals are in place. Uncertain of what 2013 holds, I remain optimistic and focused. Lets Go! Happy NEW Year!

P.S. I plan to revisit you soon..#BlogMore

♥ Ms. Krys